A Comparison of Popular Credit Card Payment Processors

With so many options for credit card payment processors available, it can feel a little overwhelming when trying to choose which one is right for your eCommerce site. Ultimately, each option facilitates sales and processes payments. However, every provider will offer differences in customisation, fees, security, and customer support. Determining which provider is right for you and your business goals is incredibly important. Below, we’ll compare some of the more popular options.


PayPal is probably the most visible and well known credit card payment processors available. Its symbiotic relationship with eBay means many online customers are already familiar with it and most likely have a PayPal account. It doesn’t require set up fees and the associated transaction fees are manageable, especially for smaller volume businesses. Because it is an external processor, users are able to link their credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts, offering your customer a wide range of payment options.

PayPal does have a few drawbacks. Your customers are required to set up an account with PayPal, which means you may lose some sales if your clients don’t have an existing account, or don’t wish to set one up. The transaction fees are minimal for smaller businesses, but as your business grows the fees aren’t as competitive as other processors. Finally, the security and customer support provided by PayPal is average at best.


Authorize.net has been one of the leading online credit card payment processors since it started way back in 1996. Unlike PayPal, Authorize has a sign-up fee and monthly recurring fees for their gateway and processing services. However, the associated transaction fees tend to be less than the fees charged by PayPal. This fee structure is beneficial to those businesses with higher sales volumes. Also, Authorize accepts credit cards without forcing your customers to sign up for or sign into a separate account. This seamless process gives your site greater credibility while also streamlining the payment procedure.


2Checkout is another of the many popular credit card payment processors available. Since 1999 2Checkout has become a worldwide payment service provider. Utilized by over 50,000 merchants, they support transactions in nearly 200 countries, in 26 different currencies, and 15 languages. 2Checkout includes a pre-integrated payment gateway to help facilitate sales on your eCommerce site.

Allied Wallet

Of the many options available, Allied Wallet is the best of the credit card payment processors around. Allied Wallet is used by thousands of merchants worldwide. They provide payment processing in 164 currencies. Trusted by over 100 million users worldwide, Allied Wallet offers incredibly competitive rates and fees, with impeccable customer service. Perhaps most important, Allied Wallet offers award winning safety and security measures. If you want to provide your customers the safest and easiest payment processing, use Allied Wallet.

Whether your business is big or small, Allied Wallet will keep your business running smoothly. Contact us today to discuss your payment processing needs.

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