5 Questions You Should Ask About Credit Card Processing Merchant Services

Applying for an account with a credit card processing merchant can seem a bit overwhelming. With so many new processes and phrases to learn, it can leave you feeling confused and hesitant about the security of your business. Asking the right questions can help you cut through the confusion so you can find the perfect payment processor for you.

1. What Are the Rates and Fees Associated With This Account?

Understanding the way the merchant determines and charges rates and fees is crucial. There are several ways your credit card processing merchant might charge your business. Depending on the pricing structure you agree to, you may be charged fees and rates above the interchange fees charged by companies like Visa and MasterCard. These fees and rates change based on the type of business you operate, whether you operate from a physical location, and your credit history, among many other variables.

Some pricing structures are more transparent than others. Ask questions about pricing structures, rates and fees, and how your business will be charged before agreeing to the terms of a credit card processing merchant.

2. What Are the Set Up Fees?

In the same way that understanding transactional rates and fees is important to your business, you also need to know if there are any set up fees or monthly fees associated with credit card processing. Some providers charge set up fees and some don’t. It’s important to know what initial or recurring fees you’ll be liable to pay.

3. What Support Do You Offer?

Once you understand a payment processor’s pricing, you need to ask questions about the services they offer. One critically important service is customer support. You don’t want to be left stranded in the event of a systems failure, a transaction that won’t process, or some other emergency that needs professional attention. Make sure your credit card processing merchant offers the kind of support you can feel confident about.

4. Is This Compatible With My Online Shopping Cart?

These days, being able to process online sales is a necessity for any business looking to stay competitive. Ensuring that your online shopping cart is compatible with your processing merchant is a must. A streamlined payment process on your website creates a professional and trustworthy image, and one that is more likely to encourage sales.

5. What Security Do You Offer?

Finally, you need to ensure that your processing merchant offers top notch security features to protect you and your clients. Ask your processor whether their services include PCI compliance, some form of fraud scrubbing, and advanced data encryption.

Choose The Best

With so many options available for credit card processing, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you and your business. Allied Wallet can cut through the confusion and clutter, answer all of your questions, and provide your business with the most secure payment processing available. Allied Wallet charges no set up fees, has easy to understand pricing structures, offers live, 24/7 customer support, is compatible with just about every shopping cart software, and provides state of the art security to keep you and your customers’ information safe and secure.

Call us today to ask these five important questions and find out why Allied Wallet is the best credit card processing merchant service for your business.

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