3 Simple Steps to Begin Credit Card Processing for Merchants

Opening an account with a payment gateway company to begin credit card processing for merchants is a monumental step for any business. Depending on which payment processing company you choose to work with, accepting credit cards on your website can range from extremely long and complicated to quick and easy.

At Allied Wallet, the entire process takes just twelve short hours. In twelve hours from submitting your application, your business can begin credit card processing for merchants by accepting payments live on your business’s website.

Once you’ve been approved by our screening process, there are just three easy steps to follow before you can start credit card processing for merchants and accepting your customer’s payments online.

Here’s how to get started once you’ve received your approval notification.

Step One: Select a Shopping Cart Solution

Allied Wallet is designed to be compatible with any programming language and offers easy integration with all of the most popular shopping carts available.

Your first step is to choose one of these shopping carts from our wide selection of major shopping cart providers that you wish to use for your site.

If you’re already working with a shopping cart system that you don’t see listed, reach out to our customer service agents to see how we can help you integrate a particular shopping cart interface onto your website.

Step Two: Integrate
Once you’ve chosen a shopping cart system, the API module that Allied Wallet created for use with that particular shopping cart software is integrated into your own website.

After integration, merchants are able to take advantage of our customized payment processing solutions and adapt them to your shopping cart for a personalized experience designed specifically for your business.

Step Three: Test

After integrating and customizing the shopping cart onto your website, you’ll be able to test the software to make sure it’s working properly. Our 24/7 technical support team will be there to set everything up and help out if a problem arises.

After successfully implementing the software, your business will be able to begin credit card processing for merchants and accepting payments in over 164 currencies from 196 countries all over the world. We also offer our merchants top-of-the-line security solutions and technologies to protect your customers from identity theft, fraud, and other online threats.

For more information on how we can help your business accept credit cards live on your website in just twelve hours, visit our customer support page and speak to one of our agents right now through phone or live chat.

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