3 Perks to Expect from Top Credit Card Processing Companies

Not all credit card processing companies are the same. Some offer low rates and fees, but little in the way of service; others provide exemplary support and partnership, but charge you an arm and a leg. The top credit card processing companies are those that offer both affordable rates and top notch service, and they should even throw in a few perks to keep you happy and your business running smoothly.

Customer Support

You may be wondering how customer support could be a perk. If you’ve ever run into a problem and had to communicate it to an automated support menu, you’ll know just how important live, responsive customer support really is. Effective customer support can mean the difference between a problem that is alleviated quickly and one that can affect your ability to conduct business.

Aside from great service for you, top credit card processing companies should be able to offer that same level of support to your customers. That’s right: some payment processors will actually run your customer support for you. That way, if a customer needs to return or exchange something, or there is a problem with goods or services, you won’t have to deal with it—your credit card processor will. You can get a good night’s sleep and leave the late night phone calls to your processing company. That’s a perk you’ll certainly appreciate.

Award Winning Security

Top notch security is a true advantage from your credit card processing provider. When you don’t have to give another thought to your customers’ security, you’re free to focus on your business. Great security should include PCI compliance, fraud scrubbing, data encryption, and more. Offering your customers security they can count on makes them more likely to trust your company with their sensitive financial information. Top credit card processing companies should offer you state of the art security so you can process payments safely and securely.

Access to Global Markets

Don’t let borders limit your business. Partner with a credit card processor who can open up the global market for you. The top credit card processing companies can process transactions in a wide variety of currencies and do business in many different foreign markets. This flexibility allows you to take your business to the world with ease. Grow and expand your business in ways you might not even have thought possible with a payment service that lets you process foreign payment transactions.

Partner With the Best

If you want access to these perks and more, you need a payment processor who will work with you to help your business grow and expand. Allied Wallet offers all of its partners an outstanding set of perks, including 24/7 live customer support, award winning security, and payment processing in over 190 countries. Allied Wallet can even take over customer support for your clients. To learn more about Allied Wallet and what perks it can offer your company, give us a call today.

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