3 Characteristics a User-Friendly Credit Card Processing Website Should Have

It’s never been easier to shop online. With so many websites offering great products and services at customer friendly pricing, it’s no wonder the ecommerce market continues to grow each and every year. With so many more options available for customers, you want to ensure you employ a user-friendly credit card processing website for your ecommerce business. Make sure your website is successful by utilizing these three important characteristics.

Streamlined Checkout Process

There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than a complicated or confusing checkout process. If putting items in a digital shopping cart and paying for them takes too long or requires multiple page jumps, you run the risk of losing the sale—or worse, losing the customer for good. Make sure your credit card processing website, your shopping cart software, and your management software are fully integrated to ensure a smooth checkout for your customers.

Your checkout process should be easy to complete. Make sure your website has clearly marked directives like “add to cart” and “proceed to checkout.” When it’s easy to shop and pay, customers will do just that; shop and pay. Give your customer a streamlined checkout, and you increase your chances to complete sales and boost your earnings.

Top Notch Security

It seems obvious, but not every credit card processing website offers state of the art security. When your customer feels they can trust your site, they are more likely to purchase goods and services from you. Let your customers know that your site uses high tech security features. Doing so demonstrates your site’s trustworthiness and professionalism, while giving your customers the peace of mind they need to enter their credit card information.

Great Customer Support

Online shopping is designed to be easy and convenient, but sometimes questions and problems arise. You want great customer support to ensure your customers have a positive shopping experience. An often overlooked aspect of a great credit card processing website is 24/7 customer support.

Aside from an FAQ section, you should also provide answers to more complicated questions. If a customer needs an answer and your site or your customer support can’t provide it, they’ll likely move on to the next website and give their business to someone else. After all, creating a user-friendly website is about retaining customers and capturing sales. Great customer support can turn prospective shoppers into long term customers.

Allied Wallet Can Help

At Allied Wallet, we have a long history of providing industry leading solutions for global payment processing. Our merchant services offer unrivaled checkout integration, industry leading security features, and 24/7 live customer support. Create a user-friendly credit card processing website with our help. Call today to discuss your website’s needs and goals.

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