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Who We are and What We Do

There’s one simple factor at the foundation of Allied Wallet’s rise through the ranks of payment processing services. This singular element has cemented our reputation as one of the most trusted payment gateways in the industry: our exceptional team. We work to remain at the forefront of innovation while maintaining security and affordability. Part of this process is adding new members who bring their unique skills, talents, and perspectives to the team. The diverse range of available Allied Wallet careers offers excellent opportunities to individuals with a variety of backgrounds and expertise.
About Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet is a global payment processing solution that works with thousands of merchants and millions of customers to make online transactions safe and easy. Our solutions can be implemented quickly, and they’re simple to use on both the merchant and customer sides of the transaction. Most importantly, we’re heavily focused on security, providing state-of-the-art protection for the sensitive information exchanged when people shop online. Allied Wallet solutions are PCS-DSS Level 1 compliant, feature customizable Fraud Scrub technology, and use SHA-256 SSL encryption.

Enhanced Cyber Security for your Online Transactions

Working with a wide variety of merchant and consumer clients, Allied Wallet offers different products designed to meet the needs of each. Our QuickPay service is an ideal payment gateway solution for small to medium-sized businesses, while large e-commerce operations get a boost from our Business Pro solution. For consumers, our free eWallet service makes online payments as safe and fast as possible. Allied Wallet presents a global payment processing solution to a global market, allowing merchants to accept payments in more than 160 currencies drawn from 196 countries around the world.

We’re always working to ensure that our products innovate and improve the e-commerce sphere, and we need great people with great ideas to help us along the way. Allied Wallet careers are great opportunities for anyone looking for a company where they can grow professionally while making worthwhile contributions to the global marketplace. We encourage qualified individuals who think they might be a good fit for our mission to send their information to our human resources department.

More About Allied Wallet Careers Safe Payment Gateways

As we strive to please our clients and users with simple and affordable payment processing solutions, we also make sure that we’re able to recruit and keep the best possible team by making our office a fulfilling place to work. Things are fast-paced in the Allied Wallet office, but it remains a fun, friendly environment that’s conducive to positive growth. Allied Wallet careers offer great opportunities for individuals from an impressive range of fields.

How to Get Started

We occasionally have openings for qualified individuals, and our jobs cover a wide variety of disciplines. Applicants should have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Public Relations, Business Development, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, or Computer Science. If you think one of our many Allied Wallet careers might be the right next step for you, send your resume and a brief cover letter to our human resources department at