ACH Processing for Online Transactions


  • Payroll Services
  • Direct Deposit
  • Accept ACH
  • Bulk transsactions
  • Affiliate Payouts

Accept ACH Payments Online

Allied Wallet’s ACH Processing solution saves you the difficulty and expenses of in-house ACH and you’ll be able to payout employees or simply accept ACH payments. See a rise in your profits and a decline in waste with our paperless check processing. Our ACH Processing solution cost-effectively improves your cash flow and maintains security at a low rate.

As a merchant, our ACH processing could be the perfect option for your payment solution. You can accept electronic checks as opposed to credit cards. Our ACH service is a great alternative to paper checks and postage waits. Get Started!

ACH Cash Handling Made Simple With Allied Wallet

ACH Cash Handling Made Simple With Allied Wallet

Payroll Services

You can trust that Allied Wallet consistently manages your profit with exceptional security and reliability. Without the hassle of payroll and cash management, your in-house employees can focus on their core tasks. Without the need for an in-house cash management team, you’ll save money; and, saving money means more room for profit and growth.

ACH Cash Handling Made Simple With Allied Wallet

Easy Payments

  • Deposit funds into accounts.
  • Setup pre-determined auto-recurring payments or payouts.
  • Customer database for greater manageability: profiles, grouping, etc.

Quick Payments

  • Enter information once: setup auto-recurring payment charges.
  • Customer convenience: Increased satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Better cash flow with electronic processing.

Bulk Transactions, Bulk Savings

When you submit a batch of transactions together, it saves time and money. You’ll find that your cash management more efficient and your cash handling costs lowered.

Simply enter the routing numbers, account numbers, first and last names, and the amounts to be charged or added into an excel spreadsheet, then save the data as a text file. After uploading this to the ACH system, your transactions are instantly performed in one bulk batch.

Batch processing benefits our merchants with recurring billing customers as well. Your recurring charges can be billed in one batch which saves you money on transaction fees for your entire group of subscribers.

Direct Deposit

Employers can directly deposit payroll funds into employee accounts. This cost-effective solution can save you time and money in bank fees or in-house processing. Without the hassle of paper costs and writing checks, employers will save money and their employees will be able to receive their money directly, saving them countless trips to the bank.

This green solution is cost-effective and simplifies your business practices. Our ACH processing even offers your employees the option of check management. Users can split their checks into percentages and deposit funds into separate accounts. Users can save for a vacation, new car, or that vacation house. With this luxury, your employees will be happier as you save time and money.

You can use ACH Processing in several different ways to your advantage, but you’ll always find that your accounting will be simplified with our cash management system. Everything is electronic, making payouts easily searchable and organized.

Affiliate and Batch Payment Processing

Affiliate Payouts

Amongst all the features that our ACH processing has to offer, it can service your affiliate payouts. ACH administrators can have a system of other ACH merchants processing under one account. Administrators can conveniently payout or collect funds from each of the affiliate merchants in the system.

The administrator can opt to collect a percentage of each transaction that a merchant makes in the system. This simplifies your affiliate system saving you time. And time saved is saved money.

Rules and Regulations - NACHA Operating Rules for ACH Transactions

NACHA Electronic Payments AssociationLearn more about NACHA governance

Since 1974, NACHA, the Electronic Payments Association, has successfully administered private-sector operating rules ("NACHA Operating Rules") governing the exchange of ACH payments, and defining the roles and responsibilities of financial institutions and other participants in the ACH Network. The NACHA Operating Rules work in concert with applicable laws and regulations to provide legal and business foundations for the use of ACH payments.

The NACHA Operating Rules are amended through a deliberative and inclusive process similar to that used by Federal agencies under the Administrative Procedures Act. This allows participants in the ACH Network - commercial banks, community banks, credit unions, large corporation, small businesses, consumer advocates, and industry vendors - the opportunity to comment on proposed rule changes.

Private-sector rulemaking provides the flexibility to promptly identify and respond to participant requirements and new technologies, and to define in sufficient detail the roles and responsibilities of participants in the ACH Network. From this foundation, the NACHA Operating Rules promote innovation, efficiency, and provide security and certainty regarding ACH payments.