Painless Purchases

The services Allied Wallet provides are all about making online transactions simple and safe for everyone involved. For consumers using eWallet, online purchases are as quick and painless as possible. With an eWallet account, you will enter your payment information just once to store and protect it in our data center. Then, any time you need to make a secure online purchase from one of our merchants, you simply use your login. There’s no hassle of tracking down and re-entering your payment information.

Simplifying and Securing Your Payments Globally

We look at the web as a global marketplace, and your eWallet will help you plug into that. eWallet can facilitate your purchases in 164 currencies in 196 countries, so it’s with you wherever you go, always ready when you need to make a secure online purchase. More than 150+ million consumers around the world use eWallet because they trust our simple service and state-of-the-art security. Your account is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection, and with our convenient mobile app for iOS, Android and Blackberry, you can access your digital wallet on-the-go from your mobile device. Open an eWallet

Send & Receive Money with Affordable Digital Wallet
Secure Your Payment

Top-Level Security Compliance

Hundreds of millions of sensitive personal records have been accessed due to online security breaches. We’re all worried about being vulnerable to such attacks, but you can do something to protect yourself by using payment systems that protect your data as stringently as possible.

Allied Wallet protects all of your transactions with Level 1 PCI compliance, SHA-256 SSL encryption, customizable Fraud Scrub and more. Once your payment information has been entered, we’ll protect it. You’ll never again have to worry about security on your end when you make a purchase. There’s a reason we’ve built such a high level of trust in the e-commerce industry. Our services have been proven safe and secure while simultaneously providing a painless purchase experience.

Secure Online Transactions with Allied Wallet

An Affordable Digital Wallet Solution

Your digital wallet from Allied Wallet streamlines the online payment process to enhance your overall e-commerce experience. If you’re looking for a painless purchase method, create your free eWallet account today. It’s quick and easy to make purchases from our merchants. And as an added bonus, it’s free too. Like all of our Allied Wallet services, we strive to make eWallet as affordable for those who need it as possible, so almost everything you can do with your eWallet is completely free.

If you need an innovative way to make a secure online purchase, eWallet from Allied Wallet is the perfect solution, providing an online shopping experience defined by streamlined, safe, and simple purchasing power. Join more than 100 million other consumers by creating your free account today.