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International Prepaid Debit Card

Allied Wallet Credit Card

The brand new Allied Wallet Prepaid Debit Card will be able to be funded through a free eWallet account with us and will make all your transactions, quick, simple, and secure. This highly versatile MasterCard debit card will allow you to load funds and pay for purchases hassle-free.

The average person has several accounts for their payment needs. Adding an Allied Wallet Prepaid Debit Card to your wallet offers you another safe place to keep your funds and budget your expenditures. You can use your Allied Wallet International Prepaid Debit Card with any merchant that accepts MasterCard worldwide.

Upcoming Features:

  • Cardholders will be able to load their eWallet accounts and spend with their Prepaid Debit Cards
  • The card will be able to be used internationally for purchases in nearly any currency or country
  • Cards will be able to be used for cash withdrawal at all ATMs where MasterCard is accepted
  • Our dashboard will provide real-time program control so you can monitor your account at all times

Unbeatable Security, Endless Flexibility

Our International Prepaid Debit Card will be protected with chip-and-sign technology along with the traditional magnetic stripe, ensuring that your transactions are protected against fraud. Allied Wallet’s PCI Level 1 Certified security, fraud scrub technology, and our award-winning payment gateway persistently monitors your account and protects all information so that you can rest easy while making purchases in-store or online.


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