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Your Customized Payment Solution in Under 12 Hours

While Allied Wallet is known for their outstanding security and accessibility for global merchants, we also provide an easy to use, free eWallet, a global payment processor. As the most flexible and cost-effective form of e-payment in the industry, we already have 150+ million users worldwide and counting. With our eWallet, you can:

  • See your eWallet account via Login
  • Make Purchases with Allied Wallet merchants
  • Load money into your account

Allied Wallet Brings The Proprietary Security System

Allied Wallet brings the proprietary security system used in our global payment processor to the convenience of a personal eWallet for consumers around the globe. With endless options, you can make online purchases securely.

With the click of a mouse, you can quickly make a purchase from any one of the thousands of Allied Wallet merchants.

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eWallet Goes Mobile

The Allied Wallet eWallet has just gotten even more convenient with a mobile app that allows you to manage your account with your smartphone. Load your eWallet and rely on the security and simplicity of your favorite global payment processor. With the same unbeatable security features used for your online account, you can trust your Allied Wallet eWallet.

Allied Wallet Prepaid Card

Our PrePaid
Debit Card

Allied Wallet's Prepaid Debit Card is about as simple as it gets. You can use your card anywhere that MasterCard is accepted because we are a licensed MasterCard issuer. Over 30 million merchants around the world accept the MasterCard card brand. You can make in-store purchases or online transactions, domestically and internationally in 196 countries.

Allied Wallet Swiper

Swipe App

Allied Wallet Swipe gives you the ability to accept every major credit card on your mobile phone or tablet by using our proprietary device. By plugging the device into your phone and downloading the Swipe app, you’ll have a point-of-sale solution to go with your online merchant account. Our Swipe device is EMV and PA-DSS Compliant, ensuring that you have an updated, secure solution. Your Allied Wallet Swipe device will allow you to swipe payment cards or even accept Chip and Sign transactions. By choosing Allied Wallet SWIPE you can integrate an mPOS solution into your business and more simply manage your funds.


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