Why Open Up Shop In China?

E-Commerce is booming and the consumers of China are hungry for western products. And while offering products in China isn’t a new idea, the process was previously long and tedious until now. Allied Wallet makes it simpler to offer goods to these consumers by making it simpler for these consumers to pay. The difference with Allied Wallet is our global relationships with banks and our ability to accept China UnionPay cards.

Working with Allied Wallet gives you the ability to sell your products in 196 countries and accept 164 currencies in just 24 hours. In 24 hours, you can have access to over 538 million internet users in China alone. Don’t waste another minute. Partner with the finest global solution to enable simple payment processing in China. Learn More >>

The Allied Wallet Model

In a traditional model, you would have to register a Chinese domain with a third party and acquire Chinese hosting, which will take time and money. Once you have a Chinese domain and hosting, you will need to apply for an “Internet Content Provider (ICP) License.” Your license would eventually get approved after a few weeks and you could finally publish your website. Once you are granted a license and your website is published, you could try to find a solution to enable sales in China.

Unfortunately, the solutions you’ll find will let you sell to Chinese consumers and only Chinese consumers, rendering the rest of the globe profitless. Why not choose a processor that can do it all? While most companies make it nearly impossible to offer products to China, Allied Wallet makes it easy. Simplify Your Business!

Profitable Imports

China is the largest buyer of luxury goods in the world and it’s not uncommon for people to save for long periods of time just to purchase a fancy purse or wallet. But China’s favorite items stem far past accessories. One popular industry in China is golf. Chinese businessmen spend lots of money to be part of what they consider to be the “elite.” The items associated with this hobby are not as easily accessible as they are in other parts of the world. These items could potentially be sold to Chinese consumers.

The list of profitable goods even stems to more digital type items and services like e-books. Approximately 200 million Chinese people purchase e-books regularly. Offer new and exciting products to Chinese consumers today and your product could be the newest hit in the Chinese region. Sign Up Today >>

Affiliate Driven Sales

Use an affiliate sales model to grow your business in China. Give your business the opportunity to grow when you make it clear that the product is for the people by the people. Generate sales and pay out your affiliates in local currencies with Allied Wallet. Louis Vuitton is by far one of the most searched luxury brands in China and its success is partly thanks to their affiliate program. Thousands of companies are finding success with this model and your company could be next.

You and your affiliates will experience the simplest back-end management and payout system because payouts will be sent directly via wire to the bank accounts of you and/or your affiliates. Grow your company with a business model that has proven successful time and time again. Pay Affiliates with eWallet >>

China and Beyond

Chinese search engines, businesses, organizations, social markets, Q&A sites and blogs are only a handful of useful online resources that can help you get started or expand your business in the Chinese market. Take advantage of our Chinese Resource Guide and partner with a global solution to take full advantage of our features and functionality. Get Started With Allied Wallet Today!