Allied Wallet and CEO Andy Khawaja Receive 2016 International Fund Award

We are proud to announce that Allied Wallet has been awarded the Most Innovative Payment Service Provider of 2016 with AI Magazine's International Funds Awards.

CEO Andy Khawaja and his team of seasoned in-house developers, compliance officers, and underwriters work hard to ensure that merchants around the globe receive the best service available with the most up to date technology in the industry.

“The good thing about Allied Wallet is the way it works. In business you always have to move quickly, to anticipate a client’s needs and adapt to them,” said CEO Andy Khawaja, "...and Allied Wallet does exactly that."

By continuing to work tirelessly to improve and innovate their products, the international payment processor has outshone the competition as the Most Innovative Payment Service Provider around.

Allied Wallet's entire team was proud to be honored as 2016's Most Innovative Payment Service Provider of 2016.

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