Los Angeles, CA: In MediaPlanet’s London Technology, Andy Khawaja, discusses the current state of his e-commerce merchant services and payment processing solutions company, Allied Wallet, and his opinions on the fintech industry and London as a global tech hub.

In the Allied Wallet CEO’s interview, he revealed his motivation for starting the business and the challenges he faced in bringing it to life.

Andy Khawaja told MediaPlanet, “I didn’t see anything that made [the internet] easy and secure for consumers to conduct online transactions using credit cards or other types of payment. That gave me the motivation to build the technology to make it happen.”

Khawaja’s interview is very positive overall, as he tends to be. Khawaja is as inspired as he is inspiring, and he continues to maintain excitement for what is to come.

“Technology is about being creative, so when you come up with a great idea, don’t put it off,” Khawaja said, “…there are lots of young, talented and smart international entrepreneurs…give them the chance and these people can change the world.”