In the August issue of Beverly Hills Times, Suzanne Takowsky wrote a piece on Andy Khawaja, CEO of Allied Wallet. The article details Andy Khawaja’s rise to success in a time of economic turmoil. Andy Khawaja’s efforts and vision with Allied Wallet changed merchant services and payment processing. By seeing the potential in e-commerce and pairing it with swift innovation,

Andy Khawaja and Allied Wallet gave the world a simpler means to sell their goods online and provided a safer way for customers to make their payments in 164 currencies around the globe. Andy Khawaja and Allied Wallet’s successes are attributed to their belief in their products. Andy enthusiastically told Suzanne, “When you choose Allied Wallet, you see maximum profitability fast. When we say less than 24-hours, we mean less than 24-hours. I take well thought out, specific steps to keep our merchants and their customers safe. Happy employees lead to happy customers. And several years later, happiness and loyalty within the Allied Wallet company continues to create the same environment for our customers.”

Read more about Andy Khawaja’s success with Allied Wallet and how the company has revolutionized payment processing globally.

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