Andy Khawaja Giving Inspiration Talk at Lithuanian Youth SummitPhoto by R. Šeškaičio

CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet, a globally leading provider of online payment processing, multi-currency merchant services, and a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway, delivered the keynote speech at this year’s Lithuanian Youth Summit inspiring thousands in attendance to follow their hearts and chase their entrepreneurial dreams.

On July 12, 2014, CEO Khawaja represented his company Allied Wallet, one of INC 500′s Fastest Growing Companies, and gave a detailed speech on his background and how he built one of the world’s finest companies that services over 100 million users worldwide.

Khawaja spoke for nearly an hour about his move to the United States and his humble beginnings. He led into his passion for his trade and the hard work he put in, his own story of the “American Dream.”

Allied Wallet’s eccentric leader was even able to make his story relatable to the Lithuanian crowd by connecting portions of his story to their own experiences in day to day life.

Andy Khawaja Speaking at Lithuanian Youth SummitPhoto by R. Šeškaičio

The enthusiastic CEO spoke of courage, bravery, and relentless passion. These are the key points he stressed to the young Lithuanian crowd that are truly universally relatable.

Khawaja certainly moved the crowd consisting of over 8,000 university students from four European countries and even more thanks to its televised broadcast.

“I want to give people the courage to achieve [their] dream,” said Khawaja.

Khawaja is inspiring the next generation of European entrepreneurs and when they’re ready, Allied Wallet can help them turn their passions into profit.

Andy Khawaja Sharing his Thoughts at the Lithuanian Youth Summit
Andy Khawaja at the Lithuanian Youth Summit