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The Popularity of Dating Sites

In the past few years the popularity of dating sites has increased dramatically. What was looked upon as an oddity 15 years ago has now become the norm.

More and more people find partners, lovers, and spouses through profile-based dating websites. According to Pew Research 22% of singles aged 25–34 and 17% of singles aged 35–44 have used an online dating site or app. Those numbers are only expected to grow in the future.

In fact, dating sites have grown so popular that there are specialty sites for just about every subculture conceivable. What was once a market ruled by just a few major all-inclusive dating sites has splintered into many different sites that cater to a diverse group of people based on preferences in faith, gender, ethnicity, and even farming.

Dating Sites Offer Tremendous Business Potential

Because dating sites provide a service customers are genuinely interested in—the possibility of a romantic connection—their popularity will only continue to grow. According to Match.com, 40 million Americans currently use an online dating service, yet there are over 100 million single American adults. That means there is still a large portion of the adult population not using dating sites to meet new people.

The current popularity of dating sites mixed with the large potential for growth represents tremendous business opportunities for website operators. In order to take advantage of potential dating site revenue, you need to offer a unique service, and more importantly, you need to be able to monetize your service by accepting credit card payments.

Monetize Your Site

Credit card processing for dating sites is a crucial aspect in the strategy and development of your business plan. After all, a major component of your business model is to understand how you’ll monetize your site. Most dating sites offer a free trial period. A free trial period is a great way to encourage people to register for an account on your website.

After the trial period is over, your clients will transition into a paid membership. This model charges users at regular intervals. You can even offer VIP memberships that provide customers better features and services for a slightly higher price.

Regardless of what type of membership or billing model you’ll utilize for your dating site, you need to be able to accept and process credit card payments in a number of ways. You need a payment processor that can facilitate one time payments, tiered payments, membership payments, and even subscription and trial pricing.

High Risk and Rejection

Once you understand how you’ll charge your clients, you’ll have to start accepting payments. On the surface, credit card processing for dating sites seems fairly straightforward. New clients sign up for your service and agree to a regular payment plan for a set term. However, dating sites are often considered high risk by credit card processors and merchant account providers. This means that you might have difficulty finding a processor that will help you accept payments.

Some payment processors will charge outrageous rates and fees to process your payments, others may require a long term rolling reserve, and some will outright reject your application for credit card processing.

If you’ve tried to sign up for credit card processing for your dating site and have been rejected or quoted exorbitant rates, it’s most likely due to the high risk associated with the industry. Dating sites are considered high risk for a number of reasons: they are adult in nature, they are a recurring subscription service, and have a higher risk of fraud and chargebacks. For these reasons you may have difficulty finding a payment processor that will help you with credit card processing for dating sites.

Dating Site Security Risks

Dating sites are so much more than just another website people spend money on. Your clients are entrusting you with highly sensitive information. Your clients need to know their information is being kept safe and secure so they can trust you enough to use your services.

Dating sites are privy to much more personal information than typical eCommerce sites. Users offer their name, pictures, birthday, email, physical address, credit card information, and plenty of personal information in order for you to match them with the perfect partner.

The success of your business depends on the trustworthiness of your site. Ensuring their information is secure will help your business develop a solid reputation and help your business continue to grow.

Keep Your Clients Safe

Make sure that your dating site utilizes sophisticated security measures to keep your clients’ personal information safe. At sign up, encourage your new clients to use a unique username and password and not to repeat usernames and passwords from other websites.

When you contact payment providers about credit card processing for dating sites, make sure to enquire about their security features. Your payment provider should offer a number of features to keep your site safe, including:

  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance
  • AML Protection
  • First Data Certification
  • Customizable Fraud Scrubbing
  • SHA-256 SSL Encryption

When your customers can trust that their financial information and their sensitive personal information is safe, they’ll continue to utilize your services.

Financial Organization and Stability

The financial organization and stability of your dating site is paramount if you want to run a successful business. Dating sites are often considered high risk due to the inconsistent nature of subscription-based revenue models. That’s why many payment processors require a rolling reserve for high risk accounts like dating sites.

A rolling reserve gives the payment processor the right to withhold a percentage of the gross sales from the merchant for a short time in order to cover chargebacks or other unforeseen costs. Even if your payment processor doesn’t require you to utilize a rolling reserve account, setting up your own version is a great business plan.

Billing Structure

The revenue structure of dating sites can be complex and complicated. With a large number of clients on payment plans including subscription, membership, repeating, tiered, and trial payments, you need to ensure that you're charging each client the appropriate amount at the appropriate time. That’s why credit card processing for dating sites is so important. It should allow you to organize, track, and process a large variety of payments. Incorrect billing can lead to chargebacks.

Chargebacks cost much more than a simple refund. Chargebacks are liable to further financial penalties from your payment processor, and can even lead to higher rates and fees. Ensuring that your billing is correct is a great way to avoid costly chargebacks.

Your payment processor should offer a customer database that allows you to process payments for each client in an individualized manner. No client is the same, and no payment plan is quite the same either.

Ensuring that your billing is organized and stable will help your website develop a trustworthy reputation. When paired with excellent service and a user friendly website, your dating service is sure to flourish.

Choose Allied Wallet for Your Dating Site Credit Card Processing

Allied Wallet offers exemplary credit card processing for dating sites. We understand the needs, worries, and challenges that face the online payment processing community. In fact, our dedication to providing simple, state of the art solutions is just one of the many reasons we’ve quickly risen through the ranks of merchant payment gateway services to become one of the industry’s most trusted names.

Our payment processing services are easy to install, understand, manage, and use. We work with each client to ensure that they’re able to process payments in a way that works for their business and their revenue model. We offer a level of personalized service not found in other payment processors.

Flexible Payment Options

Credit card processing for dating sites isn’t a one size fits all model. We offer payment processing for subscription, trial, and membership pricing so you can control and organize the way your clients pay for their service.

Easy Sign Up

It’s easy to sign up for our service. We offer competitive rates and easy integration into your existing website software.

Safety and Security

The security of your members’ personal and financial information is as important to us as it is to you. Our security system features PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance, SHA-256 SSL encryption, customizable fraud scrubbing, as well as AML protection and First Data Certification. In other words, we utilize cutting edge software and technology to ensure the private financial and personal information of your clients remains safe and secure.

Management Tools

We also provide a range of data management tools that make credit card processing for dating sites even easier. We offer an easy to use gateway interface so you can keep track of customer payments. Our customer database allows you to track the data and metrics of your clients and our tracking and reporting interface keeps you informed of every detail of your payment processing.

Expand Your Territory

Because Allied Wallet offers payment processing in 196 countries worldwide, in 164 different currencies, you can increase the dating pool of your clients to the world at large.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is an important feature of your payment processor. If your payment portal crashes, you run the risk of lost revenue and clients. You want a processor that offers 24/7 customer support so if something does go wrong it will be taken care of, day or night. We can even handle your customer support for you.

Allied Wallet: A Perfect Match

Starting a dating site is an exciting prospect. It not only provides you with a great business opportunity; it brings like-minded people with shared values, interests, and goals together. You get a chance to sell more than a product; you get a chance to spark human connection.

That’s work worth doing. We can help you get there.

Contact us today to discuss credit card processing for your dating website.

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