ACH Processing


  • Payroll Services
  • Direct Deposit
  • Accept ACH
  • Bulk Transactions
  • Affiliate Payouts

Easy Payments

  • Account deposits
  • Pre-determine auto-recurring payments
  • Pre-determine auto-recurring payouts
  • Customer database management
  • Accept payments via online and phone

Quick Payments

  • One-time only information entry
  • Auto-recurring payment charges
  • Customer Service 24 hours
  • Quick cash with electronic processing

The ACH Solution

Allied Wallet’s payment processing solutions are here to make every aspect of online transactions simpler for businesses and consumers alike. Our Automated Clearing House (ACH) provides all the convenience of accepting ACH payments and paying out employees using ACH without the challenge and expense of maintaining an in-house ACH system. Allied Wallet’s ACH processing solution is a cost-effective tool for increasing your profits and streamlining payments with paperless check processing.

Benefits of Allied Wallet’s ACH Solution

ACH processing is a great and affordable way to improve your business’s cash flow while maintaining security. ACH payment processing enables merchants to accept electronic checks rather than credit cards, which is more cost-effective. In addition to accepting payments using ACH, you can use Allied Wallet’s ACH solution for easy payroll and cash management, giving you and your employees room to better focus on the core essentials of your business. With Allied Wallet’s ACH solution, you receive:

Real Time Processing: There’s no need for a merchant account to take advantage of these services. You’ll be able to send or accept payments and settle in nearly any currency with real-time processing.

ACH Processing

Simple Payroll and Direct Deposit: ACH is the easiest way to pay your employees. Cost-effective ACH direct deposit saves you the money you would otherwise spend on bank fees and check writing, as well as saving time with in-house processing. Your employees will also be happy, as they’ll receive their money directly and conveniently. They can also take advantage of using check management to both split their paychecks into percentages and deposit funds into multiple accounts, making it easy to focus on their savings goals.

Accept ACH Payments: Electronic checks are a great alternative to both paper checks and credit cards. As more consumers realize this, you’ll want to stay ahead of the curve and be able to provide this service.

Bulk Transactions and Saving: Submitting multiple transactions together saves time and money. Bulk ACH transactions come with lower cash handling costs and more efficient cash management. Batch processing also makes recurring billing cheaper, saving you money on transaction fees by processing all subscribers simultaneously.

Easy Cash Management: All of your payouts and incoming payments are electronically organized. This makes them easy to search and find necessary information.

Convenient Affiliate Payouts: Using Allied Wallet’s ACH payment processing, it’s easy to have a system of other ACH merchants processing under one account. This streamlines your financial interactions with affiliates. Administrators can conveniently pay out or collect funds from each affiliate merchant in the system, opting to collect a percentage of each transaction that a merchant saves in the system. This is all done through our state-of-the-art Allied Wallet Payment Gateway.

Learn More About Allied Wallet

If you’re interested in learning more about how ACH payment processing services from Allied Wallet can streamline and simplify your business’s cash management system, contact us today. While you’re at it, be sure to ask about our global Payment Gateway, Business Pro, and QuickPay payment management systems. Allied Wallet is a leading payment processing solution with a global outlook, and we can’t wait to set your business up with the tools to help it succeed.