ACH payment processing solution

Ally Your Payouts

With our ACH Processing solution, payroll service and affiliate program payouts become a breeze. You can even process payments in batches, saving yourself valuable time and money.

Ally Your Cash Flow

There’s no need for a merchant account with Allied Wallet’s ACH Processing. You’ll be able to send or accept payments and settle in nearly any currency with our “real-time” processing. Allied Wallet keeps cash handling smooth and simplified.

Easy Payments

  • Deposit funds into accounts
  • Setup pre-determined auto-recurring payments or payouts
  • Customer database for greater manageability – profiles, grouping, etc.
  • Accept payments online or over the phone

Quick Payments

  • Enter information once – setup auto-recurring payment charges
  • Customer convenience – Increased satisfaction and loyalty
  • Better cash flow with electronic processing

ACH Processing

Allied Wallet provides merchants around the world with the tools they need to diversify payments and streamline operations. One of the most valuable services we offer is an ACH payment processing solution, which can save your business time and money, both in customer transactions and business operations.

Benefits of Using ACH

Automatic Clearing House System at Allied WalletThe ACH (Automated Clearing House) system is a highly cost-effective resource for simplifying business operations. Using ACH, merchants can submit and process transactions in bulk, greatly reducing the cost of transaction fees. When you submit transactions in bulk instead of submitting them individually, you’ll only be charged for one transaction instead of several.

By using ACH payment processing, you can also accept electronic checks as payment, opening up options for you and for customers who might not want to pay with a credit card. Additionally, ACH can also be used to set up direct deposit for payroll, simplifying your cash flow and keeping your employees happy.

Batch ACH Processing: A Simple, How-To Introduction

To submit transactions in bulk to the ACH system, you simply need to enter the following customer information into an excel spreadsheet and save the data as a text file:

  • Routing Number
  • Account Number
  • First and Last Name on the Account
  • Amount to Be Charged

After uploading this file to the ACH system, your transactions are good to go!

By using batch processing, you can save money on transaction fees by submitting multiple transactions at once. It can also save you time by making accounting and cash management easier to track. Because ACH batch processing can be used to process bulk payments, whether they’re coming into your business or going out, it’s an ideal way to manage payroll while reducing the cash handling costs of paper checks and postage.

Manage Subscriptions with ACH

No Hassle Automated Clearing House ProcessesBatch processing is particularly useful for merchants who operate using recurring billing or subscription fees. Using Allied Wallet’s secure system, you can safely store the payment information of all your recurring customers, making it easily accessible for future billings. If your business uses any sort of recurring billing model, sign up to learn how Allied Wallet’s ACH payment solutions make managing subscriptions as easy as can be. Even if you don’t use a recurring business model, the ACH processing capability can still diversify your payments.

Check Processing

Using Allied Wallet’s ACH payment solutions, you can easily make and accept ACH payments without the hassle and expense of operating your own in-house cash management team. Customers value the ability to send payments using secure electronic checks. Employees value the assurance that their direct deposit will always be on time.

ACH provides “real-time” processing that enables you to accept payment and settle accounts in a wide variety of currencies from around the world. With ACH solutions from Allied Wallet, we’ll help make sure that your cash flow improves, you’ll always be protected by our ironclad security, and you’ll be on your way to a new level of success, all for a low rate.

There’s no need for a merchant account with Allied Wallet’s ACH payment processing services, so there is no reason to put this off. Contact Allied Wallet today to learn more about how our ACH solutions can streamline and sustain your business.