Why Open Up Shop In Japan?

E-Commerce is thriving and as technology becomes completely widespread, offering your products to the globe is more important than ever. About 80% of the total population of japan is internet users, totaling at about 100 million people. 75% of households have computers and about 90% of phones have internet services. But as Japan drifts into an even more technologically advanced state, security becomes more relevant.

6.6% of internet users are very concerned about internet fraud, and the fear is very reasonable. In 2009, there were over 1,000 victims of e-money fraud and over 50,000 victims of pyramid sales fraud. Allied protects businesses and consumers from fraud. Japanese consumers know Allied Wallet’s signature logo as a brand of trust and integrity.

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Accept JCB Cards

JCB credit cards have found their way into the hands of over 69 million cardholders around the world. The Japanese Credit Bureau was established in 1961 and now issues cards in 20 different countries and are accepted in 190 countries worldwide. Its wide acceptance is due in part to Allied Wallet and its global reach. Allow yourself to accept this widespread form of payment and see a new market of profit in JCB.


Earn Trust

The Japanese enjoy western products and lifestyle. They tend to buy either for status or functionality, so price should dictate the market, whether the product is high-end or affordable. Either way, there is a market for your product as long as your website is trustworthy and recognized for being so. Allied Wallet establishes this trust when consumers see our logo on your website.

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Grow With Affiliates

Use an affiliate sales model to grow your business in Japan. Give your business the opportunity to grow when you make it clear that the product is for the people by the people. Generate sales and pay out your affiliates in local currencies. Experience the simplest back-end management and payout system. Thousands of companies are finding success with this model. Your company could be next.

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Japan and Beyond

Japanese search engines, businesses, organizations, social markets, Q&A sites and blogs are only a handful of useful online resources that can help you get started or expand your business in the Japanese market. Take advantage of our Japanese Resource Guide and partner with a global solution to take full advantage of our features and functionality.

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