Allied Wallet in Hemispheres Magazine August 2013

Allied Wallet In Hemispheres Magazine August 2013

(United States) CEO of Allied Wallet Andy Khawaja was recently featured in United Airlines' Hemispheres Magazine in an article entitled, “Redefining The Golden Years.” Hemispheres Magazine discussed retirement finances and how many members of the retirement community are now seeking ways to increase their monthly income.

“People are living longer, they're enjoying healthier lifestyles,” said Khawaja of Allied Wallet. Senior managing director of New York Life Mathew Grove said, “People need to think more carefully about how they will provide for income during retirement and look for ways to build their own pension-like stream.”

Hemispheres Magazine gave readers an insight to how Allied Wallet and many other companies are helping to “redefine the golden years” by offering a simple means of income to all generations of people.

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