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Comprehensive Merchant Management Services

In the e-commerce world, every little decision you make about how to operate your business has a monumental effect on the experience that you and your customers have. When you adopt Allied Wallet as a payment processing solution, you get more than just an easy payment gateway. Allied Wallet’s merchant management services are perfectly integrated with our payment processing system, making your job that much easier.

Use Allied Wallet to Simplify and Improve Your Business Management

Allied Wallet specializes in simplifying business with the perfect merchant management services and tools. Our products are highly flexible, enabling you to set up a payment system that works best for your product or service area. For example, if your business model relies on recurring bills or subscription pricing, it’s easy to set up Allied Wallet to seamlessly implement this function. Allied Wallet integrates into any existing e-commerce platform, shopping cart, or programming language, making the process of adopting Allied Wallet as streamlined as possible. When you add Allied Wallet to your existing e-commerce solution, you’ll be able to see account activity in real time.

Secure Online Transactions with Allied Wallet’s Easy Payment Gateway

Chargeback Protection You Can Count On

One of Allied Wallet’s most critical merchant account services is protection from an overwhelming number of charge-back issues. Charge-backs occur when consumers initiate the return of funds back into their bank accounts. With Allied Wallet, you’ll get charge-back prevention, detailed tracking and reporting tools, and a convenient customer database. These tools and features are just a few of the ways that Allied Wallet helps our merchants simplify their business management with profitable results.

Management Tools from Allied Wallet Business Pro

Allied Wallet’s Business Pro, our advanced payment solution system, is ideal for businesses looking to take their online commerce to the next level. With Business Pro, the merchant management services you’ll receive include chargeback prevention, a convenient tracking interface, a convenient reporting interface, and an easy-to-use customer database, along with the global payment services and state-of-the-art security that Allied Wallet is known for. With Business Pro, Allied Wallet integrates your business with a customized, branded payment submission page that securely processes all of your transactions.

For the merchant account services needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses, Allied Wallet offers QuickPay, an easy payment gateway. QuickPay is fast, secure, affordable, and incredibly easy to implement. With QuickPay, your transaction page will be securely hosted on Allied Wallet’s servers. You’ll still receive a variety of management tools for customer tracking and profit reporting, all in an affordable package that’s ideal for a small business and contains all of Allied Wallet’s signature security tools and PCI compliance measures.

If your business is in need of an easy payment gateway that offers something more, Allied Wallet’s global payment processing system simplifies and streamlines you business management while allowing you to process payments in 164 currencies, a global reach that’s key to success in the online shopping environment. Allied Wallet is a secure, streamlined payment processing solution that’s as easy to implement as is to use. To learn more about implementing Allied Wallet in your ecommerce business, contact us today.


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