Incorporating Your Online Business

Allied Wallet is a leader in the e-commerce industry, innovating the security and functionality of merchant account and credit card processing solutions. Our e-commerce experience has enabled us to identify the most reliable services that could supplement your online business. One service you will likely need is a European Incorporation.

Many merchant account and credit card processing solutions use European acquiring banks. Because of this, many merchant account solutions must have European Incorporations for its merchants as per the regulations of the card industry associations.

Allied Wallet can help you painlessly attain a European Incoporation. The process is very simple and relatively inexpensive. Incorporate today and begin accepting payments online.

What Steps Do I Take to Incorporate?

  • Complete the approval process with your account manager
  • Provide required information along with copies of identification
  • Pay all-inclusive annual fee for the cost of incorporation

What You Need to Provide?

  • Desired Company Name
  • Director's Name
  • Director's Address
  • Shareholder's Name
  • Shareholder's Address
  • EU Incorporation Fee

Easy EU Incorporations

Why incorporate in the EU?

Incorporating in the EU with Allied Wallet enables you to accept 164 currencies from all over the world. You'll accept payments in 196 countries and settle your profit straight into your bank account in any of 25 currencies.

Utilizing Allied Wallet's services requires that you have an established presence in the EU and this all inclusive incorporation is all you need to start accepting payments.

How does it work?

Provide your account manager with the information listed above along with the all-inclusive annual fee, and you will be incorporated with a presence in the EU. Incorporation documents typically take 3-5 business days to receive.

Once you are incorporated, we ask that you add your European Inc. name and address to the footer of your website. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Questions about EU Incorporation?
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