What to Know About Accepting Purchasing Cards

A rising trend recently is the use of purchasing cards among government agencies and corporations. A purchasing card, or P-Card, allows individuals to make purchases at their company’s expense without the needs of a traditional processing service. It’s essentially a company charge card. These can be useful when a government group or corporation needs to [...]

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The Importance of Paying Attention to Your Credit Card

Owning your own credit card is obviously a huge benefit for any individual or business owner, but there’s no denying that this also means taking on many risks in the process. While effective credit card fraud prevention techniques do exist and continue to advance and improve, it’s important for card holders to understand that the [...]

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Prevent Credit Card Fraud with These Common-Sense Tips

Credit card fraud occurs when a thief unlawfully acquires your credit card details and uses them to make purchases without your consent. It’s not limited to purchases, however: credit card fraud can also lead to loans being taken out and accounts being created, all under your name. In a rapidly advancing technological marketplace, credit cards [...]

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