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Being able to accept credit cards is vital for today’s online businesses. If you’re opening a new online store, or if your current business still isn’t able to accept credit cards, now is the time to take this critical step. There’s no denying the impact that e-commerce has had on how we shop and sell, and credit cards are the payment method of choice for today’s consumers. Let’s take a look at how to process credit card payments securely online.

Are You Processing Payments Online, In-Store, or Both?

Right now, we’re only going to cover online credit card payment processing. If you’re interested in setting up a brick-and-mortar payment system, you’re going to need to implement a POS system, mobile credit card processor (smartphone or tablet), or a credit card terminal. If you just need to learn how to process credit card payments through your online store, the process is going to be significantly easier.

Choose a Merchant Service Provider

In order to be able to accept credit card payments online, you’re going to need to go through a reputable internet payment service provider. With so many options, the decision may be difficult at first. Here are some of the questions you should be asking as you seek the ideal company for your needs:

secretaryDoes the provider Offer 24/7 Customer Support?

You never know when an issue will arise, and a slow response time can mean the difference between making or breaking a sale. Whether you have an emergency issue or you just need a quick reminder of how to process credit card payments on your site’s platform, having a dedicated team on your side when you need it makes a massive difference. You should also check to make sure the company offers live support 24/7, as you may sometimes need immediate answers from a real person.

Is the Provider PCI-Compliant?

It’s surprising, but PCI compliance is not federally mandated. However, if your online store isn’t using a PCI-compliant provider, you run a serious risk of heavy fines, and you could even lose the ability to process credit cards entirely. Here at Allied Wallet, we assume responsibility for your PCI compliance so you never have to worry. We also proudly offer customizable Fraud Scrub and Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance so you and your customers can proceed with 100% confidence.

exchange money currencyDoes the Provider Facilitate Other Currencies?

Why limit your business to one country when you can go global? We process more than 160 currencies in over 190 countries so you can meet the growing demands of a worldwide market. After all, what’s the point of knowing how to process credit card payments if your business is going to remain limited to only a small percentage of your potential customers or clients? By serving a global clientele, your products or services can be much more accessible.

Contact Allied Wallet Today to Learn More

We realize that choosing an online payment service provider can be a difficult decision, and that’s why we offer the best security guarantees and customer support team in the industry. We also offer extremely competitive rates, starting at a very budget-friendly 1.5% for qualifying businesses.

Trusted by thousands of merchants all across the globe, we always go the extra mile to ensure the complete satisfaction of our valued customers. Learning how to process credit card payments safely for your business is the first step, and the next is to give us a call at 1-888-255-1137 to get started. If you prefer to correspond online, simply send us a message through our contact form or go to our site’s convenient live chat to speak with a helpful representative. Give your e-commerce business the competitive edge with Allied Wallet.