high risk payment gatewayIf you didn’t go to business school (or even if you did), you may not know what a high risk payment gateway is. Basically, a high risk gateway protects your business from financial liabilities like chargebacks, cancellations, and non-authorizations of payments that are frequently incurred when dealing with high risk merchants. These specialized payment gateways limit risk of non-payment and are particularly useful for businesses engaging in a large number of international deals.

Why This Type of Payment Gateway is Useful

So why is there a need for a high risk payment gateway? For starters, these gateways protect the merchant from fraud and online thieves.

Of course, the details are different depending on what gateway you choose, but many provide real-time processing of payments, fraud scrubbing, and other features that allow you to actively manage the cash influx to your account. With these custom features you can change payment schedules and manage assets more easily.

Allied Wallet does all this with less overhead cost to the client. Our customizable Fraud Scrub service is PCI Level 1 compliant and rated among the best in the industry.

Understanding What Makes a Business High Risk

As you consider whether or not you need a high risk payment gateway, it may be helpful to factor in what makes certain merchants high risk.

Many offshore businesses are considered high risk even when they are legitimate, legal e-commerce companies.

high risk payment gatewayAllied Wallet – Reward With Little Risk

In a time when global business is easier than ever, you don’t want to be left behind. But at the same time, you also want to make sure that you are taking measures to protect your business from hackers and thieves.

Our customizable Fraud Scrub feature ensures that you can adapt your security preferences to specific customers, helping to fortify every transaction and make sure that your business’s reputation is upheld.

Allied Wallet – Serious About Customer Service

Allied Wallet strives to offer the best payment processing services in the industry and to rise above customer expectations. We guarantee low transaction fees while at the same time providing the highest level of customer service that is possible.

Allied Wallet is an industry leader in providing payment gateway services that protect small, medium, and large businesses. Our services are incredibly customizable, and we can make sure we offer the ideal features for your business.

Learn how our global payment processing works, then sign up with us today to ensure that your business reaches its true potential.