Credit Card Merchant Services for Small Business: The Virtual Terminal
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In the past, most credit card transactions between businesses and customers occurred in stores. Now, businesses need the flexibility to conduct sales and other transactions from just about anywhere. The virtual terminal is the online analog to traditional credit card terminals used in physical locations.

Let Your Customers Pay Their Way

The virtual terminal is one of the best credit card merchant services for small business that you can utilize. That’s because the virtual terminal from Allied Wallet lets you accept credit payment in a number of ways. Some customers don’t have internet access and therefore won’t be able to finalize sales online. In a similar fashion, not all customers feel comfortable entering their sensitive credit card information on websites. The virtual terminal gives your customers the option of phoning or faxing their card info to your sales representatives.

Grant Refunds

Not all credit card merchant services for small business are about making sales. Some are about making relationships. The best way to create a relationship between business and customer is to provide great service. Sometimes that means issuing refunds. In the past, refunds would be issued when a customer would return a product to a store and receive a refund immediately. Now, with the virtual aspect of online sales, a refund isn’t quite so simple. The virtual terminal from Allied Wallet allows you to refund a customer’s credit card without the physical card being present.

Automatic Billing

One of the most useful credit card merchant services for small business we offer is the ability to enact automatic billing for recurring charges. Depending on the focus and model of your business, this option can be incredibly useful. You may offer news or entertainment that requires weekly or monthly subscriptions. You may run a website that has account or membership dues. You can even set up monthly payment plans so your customers can purchase large items. Whatever the reason, offering your customers the option of automatic recurring payments can increase your earnings potential.
credit card merchant services for small business
Keep Informed

The best credit card merchant services for small business should offer you more than simple card swiping. Our virtual terminal allows you to check the status of your transactions. This lets you keep your customers informed and helps you maintain inventories and schedules. The terminal also lets you run a variety of reports. When you better understand the trends and patterns of your business you can better plan for what’s to come. Our virtual terminal can help you grow and build you business by understanding what it’s doing right now.

Go Virtual With Allied Wallet

All businesses are different and require different merchant services to meet their needs. Allied Wallet has been helping businesses successfully and securely process payments for over a decade. We will work with you to find the solutions you need. Our virtual terminal allows you to process debit and credit card transactions. Call today to see if it’s right for you.