So, you’ve found out that your business is defined as “high risk”—what’s next? All hope is not lost. A high risk credit card processor could very well be your answer to helping your business grow and flourish.
High risk merchants can open an account with a high risk credit card processor. Your business may have been classified as “high risk” for a variety of reasons, like high merchant chargebacks, or bad business credit. You could also be in an industry, like the e-cigarette industry, or natural health sector, that could result in a terminated merchant account from a credit card processor. But being qualified as “high risk,” doesn’t actually mean that your business is of poor quality. It certainly does not mean that you are a bad business owner. It is really about your industry, your customer’s behavior in your industry, and other considerations.

Moving over to a high risk credit card processor is not necessarily a bad thing—it can help you get your online business back on track. It is important to remember that all businesses deserve the benefits of accepting credit cards, whether they are high risk or not. Studies show that customers who use credit cards at businesses are much more likely to make multiple purchases, join loyalty programs, find the business more trustworthy, and spend more with each purchase.

When you process a credit card (in particular, an international or multiple currency card), it can be a bit complicated, especially for small business owners or those who aren’t used to business payment processing. A benefit of a high risk credit card processor is that they can aid business leaders in understanding the new EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System). It also helps with paycheck calculation and payroll tax returns.

Security, as any merchant knows, is extremely important for their business, especially online with transactions processed over the internet. The secure processing of your transactions is something Allied Wallet takes very seriously. We offer our clients the best level of security and protection for their businesses.

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Allied Wallet has a solution for nearly any situation. We realize that a high risk credit card processor can be difficult to find, especially the right one for your business. Allied Wallet customizes solutions for each individual customer. Merchants and customers trust us to go out of our way to ensure that every transaction is encrypted and secure. We have competitive rates, the highest level of security, quick response time and support, and offer proven solutions for high risk merchants. Our experience and track record speaks for itself. Contact us to find out how we can help you get started.