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One of the biggest benefits that Allied Wallet provides to our merchants is easy integration with every one of the most popular shopping carts, giving every merchant the flexibility they need to make the most out of Allied Wallet’s full service e-commerce credit card processing.

Simplify Business With Our Major Cart Software Provider Partnerships

Compatible Shopping Carts with Allied Wallet


One of Allied Wallet’s greatest strengths is just how easy it is to integrate. Allied Wallet’s e-commerce credit card processing is setup to work with any programming language and any one of the popular shopping carts that we have set up partnerships with. The entire sign up process and integration of Allied Wallet can take less than 12 hours, in no small part because of just how flexible the system is. These are just a few of the shopping cart solutions we support:

Agora Cart


Agora Cart is a fully customizable, community-driven shopping cart solution with a wide range of features and templates. With Agora Cart, you can make the choice between a personalized shopping cart and an easy to integrate shopping cart. No matter which way you go, it pairs perfectly with Allied Wallet.



Magento is a scalable shopping cart solution with powerful tools that gives you control over your business. With its mobile and and international functionality, Magento integrates perfectly with Allied Wallet’s global payment processing services.



If you’re looking for popular shopping carts that are also open source solutions, Ubercart is an exciting option, designed to work with Drupal open source content management. Together, Allied Wallet and Ubercart are perfect for anyone who wants to build a community around their product.

Allied Wallet is also already easily integrated with a number of other popular shopping carts, including 3D Cart, Aceshop, Amember Professional, Blue Cart, The Cart Press, Cube Cart, CS Cart, WP E-Commerce, Oscommerce, OpenCart, Prestashop, Redshop, Tomato Cart, X-Cart and Zen Cart. If you already use or choose to integrate one of these popular shopping carts, you’re guaranteed a tried and true solution. If you’re hoping to use a different shopping cart that has not been listed, contact us and we’ll see that a simple integration is built.

Secure Online Transactions with Allied Wallet

How to Get Started


If you want to integrate these exceptional solutions to strengthen your e-commerce business, the first step is choosing which one of our shopping cart partners to work with. Once you’ve picked a cart provider, you can integrate Allied Wallet using the API module we’ve developed for that cart system. From there, you can fully adapt Allied Wallet’s e-commerce credit card processing for your company’s specific needs. All of Allied Wallet’s features are compatible with every single one of our shopping cart partners. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s easy to get your shop up and running in just a few short hours.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of using Allied Wallet’s e-commerce credit card processing in conjunction with one of these popular shopping carts to process your business’ transactions, contact us today!


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