Protecting Payments

After years of protecting our merchants, Allied Wallet continues to build unwavering trust within the e-commerce community, protecting consumers even further with our eWallet digital wallet solution. Our proprietary Fraud Scrub is as customizable as it is adjustable. Together with our Securely Encrypted SHA-256 SSL and PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance, our merchants remain secure under the highest industry standards. With an eWallet, consumers can experience even more of this high-quality secure payment processing service while shopping with one of our merchants.

Minimize Your Online Fraud Risk

Since 2005, more than 340 million records have been compromised due to online fraud. Allied Wallet has always been in the business of protecting merchants and consumers from this possibility with premium secure credit card processing services. Online shopping is convenient, and we want to maximize this convenience by eliminating the risk of having your data accessed. Our state-of-the-art security features do just that. To make your online transactions as safe as possible, it pays to be proactive and create a free eWallet account with Allied Wallet.

Simplify the Payment Process Without Hidden Fees

eWallet is as easy to use as it is safe. To use eWallet’s secure credit card processing feature, you simply enter your payment information a single time. After that, we’ll store it in our secure data center. Using your login information, you’ll be able to run transactions without the hassle of re-entering your payment information repeatedly. In the tradition of value that Allied Wallet is built upon, you’ll get all this security and service for free.

An On-the-Go Solution for a Global Marketplace

Online commerce is global commerce, so Allied Wallet provides secure payment processing solutions that speak to a global audience. eWallet processes payments in 196 countries using 164 different currencies. This is a digital wallet that you can take anywhere, without ever worrying about losing it. eWallet is also accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. For added on-the-go capabilities, just download our mobile app, available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices, and keep your digital wallet in your pocket everywhere you go.

Allied Wallet’s history of innovation and service has built an exceptional reputation within the e-commerce community. We’re here to make the internet a safer place for everyone, from big businesses right down to the individual consumer. With the same technology that protects online transactions for major e-commerce destinations, our eWallet solution brings secure payment processing to the personal level. To get all the benefits of a digital wallet backed by Allied Wallet security, sign up for your free eWallet account today.