How a Website Can Attract Customers

Most of us know that building a website or online store is something that many people are capable of doing. It can be fairly easy in this day and age; however, trying to attract traffic and entice customers into making purchases can be the bigger obstacle. Online presence is a key factor in any web [...]

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Is a Web Sales Tax For the Greater Good?

It has been debated whether or not a web sales tax in the United States should be considered. In a previous speech, the governor of Missouri, Jeremiah W. “Jay” Nixon, stated that he would un-veto the web sales tax bill and opt to add the provision if, and only if, someone could prove that enforcing [...]

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Keep Your Small Business a Safe Business

As online technology, such as cloud computing, mobile devices, and apps, gets more sophisticated, the risk of hackers becomes more of a concern. Nowadays, small businesses are targeted by cyber attackers due to the lack of monitored resources. The risks are similar to the ones that larger businesses face, but small businesses are more easily [...]

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