Healthy Sales Stem from Clear Communication

E-commerce businesses are growing significantly all over the world. There is a big opportunity for e-commerce businesses to go global and attract international customers. Having an international consumer base will not only expand their revenue and operations but it will encourage efficiency amongst internal departments due to increasing competition from foreign competitors. But you might [...]

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Online Security: Securing Your E-Commerce Business

According to the Oxford dictionary, E-commerce is an online industry whereby users buy and sell things to one another over computer networks. 5-10 years ago, awareness for e-commerce was minimal but now everyone is indulging in shopping online. The world we live in today has taken a big technological leap that people are glued to [...]

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Online Security and Protection for E-Commerce Sites

As time goes by, the number of e-commerce data breaches continues to increase. This is due partly to the surge in e-commerce’s popularity and the neglectful nature people often have in online security. As e-commerce continues to grow, websites become larger targets for hackers. Popular e-commerce sites hold, on average, about 50,000 to 100,000 personal [...]

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