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I-Invest Magazine’s “A Mecca for Entrepreneurs”

In a probing and absorbing interview with Tech Billionaire Dr. Andy Khawaja, he professes the extraordinary story behind Allied Wallet, and their remarkable and secure “Next Gen Payment Gateway.” Having recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, Khawaja revels in the undoubted success of the company and how they are a “like a Mecca for entrepreneurs”.

Could you give us a bit of background about Allied Wallet, and how it was founded?
Allied Wallet was founded just over 10 years ago. I realised that there was a need for online security and a credit card processing facility. Consumers and merchants were very much in need for those services, and I needed to accommodate for people using multiple currencies.

In those days, if you were in the UK you could only use the pound, and if you were in the US, you could only use the dollar, and so forth. There were big conversion rates that merchants had to pay a lot of money for, so we came up with a global processing company that could handle every single currency in the world. As well as this, we needed to provide online security that would protect the consumers from hackers.

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