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Allied Wallet In Fusion Floral

(United Kingdom) In February of 2012, Allied Wallet was featured in the publication, “Fusion Floral.” This publication is distributed every other month in over 75 countries worldwide. The multi-award winning magazine reports on contemporary, cutting edge floristry, floral design, flower arranging, trade shows and flower festivals globally.

Allied Wallet was featured in an issue that reached out to floral merchants that wanted to take their operation global. Fusion Flowers specializes in step-by-step explanations and instructions and Allied Wallet aided in a simple means to accepting payments online. Internet presence has become nearly necessary in every country as e-commerce sales become prominent sources of profitability. Allied Wallet makes it easy.

With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, and India, Allied Wallet supports merchant growth. Since this release, Allied Wallet has accommodated many merchants from this industry and allowed them to see sweetly-scented success.

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