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Allied Wallet’s CEO Featured on Cover of New Business Magazine

Los Angeles, CA: CEO Andy Khawaja was honored as the cover feature of New Business Magazine (Summer 2014 Edition) for how he rose to riches building Allied Wallet, a provider of online credit card processing, global payment gateway, and multi-currency merchant services solution for entrepreneurs and enterprises.

The New Business Magazine article entitled, “Who Dares Wins” details CEO Andy Khawaja’s past from selling recycled bullet casings that he would pick up off the ground in war struck Beirut to running a multi-million dollar payment processing company.

The commonality between the items in CEO Khawaja’s work history is that he’s always been involved in sales and the movement of money from a buyer to a seller. Khawaja was born an entrepreneur and it’s clear that this is one of the things that drives him as a person.

“I’m constantly thinking about improving products and doing things. I don’t like to sleep because I have a lot on my mind…” says CEO Khawaja. He continued, “I’ve been in the office since 5am and I’m just executing some notes that I wrote during my night walk. I love what I do and I’m so excited about every day of the week.”

This type of enthusiasm and leadership has driven Allied Wallet to their place next to some of the biggest online payment solutions in the world including PayPal and

They’ve claimed many awards internationally, recognized as a top company to work for, one of the fastest growing companies in the world, and even as the United Kingdom’s #1 Payment Provider.

Much of the company’s achievements are due to the positive environment that Khawaja has provided for his team and the minimum, 320 nights per year that Khawaja spends on trips to expand the business.

“You want to rely on a company where the CEO puts in all the hours to make sure that your business is doing well,” Khawaja says.

So far, over 100 million users have put their faith in CEO Khawaja and his company, Allied Wallet. Nick Martindale of New Business Magazine wrote, “Khawaja remains as driven and dedicated as ever.” It’s clear that CEO Khawaja has big plans for Allied Wallet’s future and big expectations of what’s to come.



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