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Fraud Protection

Allied Wallet empowers its clients with an easily customizable fraud scrubber based upon our proprietary fraud protection software. Our fraud protection software utilizes the back-up of the Max-Mind system that enables you to perform a variety of fraud checks on each and every transaction. Allied Wallet’s transactions are 128bit SSL encrypted and backed by our PCI Level 1 Compliance certification ensuring that your business is in safe hands.

Fraud Protection That Will Boost Your Profit Margins:

When you decide to use Allied Wallet to accept credit cards, our fraud protection system is capable of reducing your costs and ultimately increasing your profit margins.

  • Reduce Fraud Related Costs – By minimizing unauthorized transactions and scrubbing fraudulent attempts before they are processed, Allied Wallet’s fraud protection helps reduce chargeback fees & inventory loss.
  • Maximize Profits – Get the most out of your transactions instead of worrying about the potential fraud.
  • Customizable Fraud Scrubber – Set the fraud scrubber’s setting to any fraud protection level you find works best for your business.
  • Get Smart – Allied Wallet’s IP & GEO-IP fraud protection tools allow you to be one step ahead of potential scammers.


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