Allied Wallet's API Integration

The API Solution

If you need to download a payment gateway API, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to providing the programming code you need, we also offer a FAQ page with solutions to the most frequent issues that come up while implementing our APIs, as well as assistance for tracking down any tools that you might need during the development stage. And of course, you can always access our developer blog for the latest in Allied Wallet implementation.

If you run into any difficulties while getting Allied Wallet up and running, we have 24-hour technical support available to all our merchants. We recommend asking for help if you are not used to working with HTML – we’re happy to help you use your payment gateway API to integrate Allied Wallet with your website or product.

API Reference

Allied Wallet takes payment gateway services to the next level by transforming the typical payment processing services into a customized and form-fit solution that can be tailored to fit any business’ needs. We have flexible services that can be personalized for businesses of any size– our Quick Pay solution is perfect for small- to medium-sized e-commerce sites, while Business Pro is perfect for larger online retailers. But our flexibility doesn’t stop with business size. Allied Wallet also integrates with the programming language and shopping cart system of your choice, thanks to the availability of our payment gateway API.

About Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet has emerged as one of the leaders in the global payment processing industry thanks to a savvy combination of state of the art security and innovative tools for global commerce. Our payment gateway solutions are certified for Level 1 PCI compliance, and feature SHA-256 SSL encryption and customizable Fraud Scrub to protect sensitive information and keep your e-commerce business out of harm’s way. We’ll also help you bring your business to the ever more significant global marketplace, with processing capability for 164 currencies in 196 countries. And of course, Allied Wallet provides tracking and reporting tools that make it easier and more affordable than ever to manage your business’s cash flow.

A Developer’s Space to Interface

What is an API? An API, or application programming interface, is the set of rules and specifications that allow the setup and customization of an application. When you integrate Allied Wallet into your business operations, our payment gateway API helps you get your online retail system up and running. The portable APIs provided by Allied Wallet are sophisticated programming tools designed for web developers. We’ll provide you with all the configuration codes and instructions you need to get your payment gateway operational within just a few hours.

Secure Online Shopping Gateway

If you’re interested in upgrading your business’s payment processing system with a payment gateway that’s dedicated for security and innovation, sign up with Allied Wallet and download our payment gateway API today. You’ll be able to have your virtual storefront up and running in no time at all!

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