What you get with Allied Wallet

AW Right Pointer
  • Accept Payments in 190+ Countries
  • Accept 164 Currencies
  • Get Paid in any of 25 Currencies
  • PCI Level 1 Compliant Security
  • Customizable Fraud Protection
  • Proprietary Chargeback Protection
  • Free Account Setup

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Are you ready to accept credit cards online?

Choose Allied Wallet as your Primary Payment Processor and accept 164 currencies from all over the world. You'll accept payments in 196 countries and settle your profit straight into your bank account in any of 25 currencies.

Allied Wallet protects your business and all your transactions with PCI Level 1 Compliance and state-of-the-art Fraud Scrub technology, then track your transactions with a robust reporting system and payment gateway. Sign up for more information.

Why use subscription or recurring billing?

Subscription payments or recurring billing are a great way to make your sales more efficient by automatically charging customers who wish to continually use your products or services.

All too often, customers will forget to renew their service or do not wish to go through the checkout process again. By using our recurring payment option, you can easily remedy this potential problem.

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